A Statement in Honor of Bed Revolutionaries: Posted for May Day/International Worker’s Day, 2014

Love to the bed revolutionaries today. To people whose communication and connection go unnoticed or dismissed— To people who do not have access to academic terms—To people who have to use the words or gestures to get by, but it’s still unfamiliar. To folks whose ideas, whose beings are left behind. To people who are left out isolated. To folks making well below poverty wages—if that. To folks who do not have social access or “social capital.” To the rowdy, fierce and ‘difficult’ ones—to the quiet and shy ones—To the outcasts of the outcasts. To survivors. To crazy folks whose realities are usually discounted. To folks who are complex, multilayered, contradictory. To folks who are multiply marginalized. To people who don’t give two shits about “cool” and know the appropriative harm of it. For folks whose families and selves have chemical injuries due to environmental racism and classism. To people whose very existence is revolutionary. This is for you today & everyday. 

*A redefinition of “work” “value” and “contribution” is much needed.*

*~Inherently valuable. Inherently worthy. Inherently bad-ass~*

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