How to Survive Heartbreak

Let the sea salt of your tears wash over you like holy water
your body cries out in pain of the memory of sacred lover’s embrace
Let your own hands replace theirs, and they will create new images with paint-brush fingers on the surface of your skin

Reject the shame of not-knowing of not-doing, let the raw ugly roar of your humanness be messy and free
Know that love is not lost, it is not gone–it is a constant force–coursing through your veins–fire fuel for stars–illuminating the cosmos
Love your heart–let it break open again and again–it is a powerful instrument–it will be filled with even more love next time
Let your hands in prayer position seek wisdom from the sky, from the universe, from angels and ancestors–you will be surrounded by this deep understanding, and endless soothing
Know that you are not alone–you are god-like beauty seeking truth–learning from mistakes

Scream and cry until you know your true voice
You were never shame, your heart has gold-wings
Let this divine truth embrace you and lead you home

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